The passchendaele trophy 2020

Lakeside Sports Ground are pleased to announce the holding of the annual Passchendaele Trophy which took place on Friday October 23rd 2020.

Passchendaele is a location in Belgium that was the site of the third battle of Ypres on the western front during the First World War, which took place between July and November 1917.

We started the tournament with an act of remembrance led by one of our players Rod Oakley, who is also the local representative for the Royal British Legion.

Due to restrictions, this year we decided to run the tournament internally by separating our squads up into 4 teams of 6 players, including an invited team who would normally play at Palmers College/Blackshots Centre, but are currently playing out of Quarry Hill Academy.

We ran two pitches side by side and completed a round robin set of games. Most of the games were only separated by a single goal and the teams played with great spirit. This was followed by semi finals in which all four teams participated and then a final was played out which resulted in a drawn match. Rather than have penalties and because at that point the heavens opened and it tipped down with rain, we decided rather sensibly that we should call it a draw and share the trophy.